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At The Stairmakers we use Timber, Metal and Stainless Steel balustrades. Below is a list of brochures you can download as PDF's from our supplier over at Hammer Smith

For some people a staircase is seen as just a way of moving between floors, whereas others see a staircase as a piece of art. We believe that there are a number of ways of making a staircase stand-out, with our range incorporating a mixture of very traditional products.

The full range of stock products can be found below in these downloadable PDF catalogues:


50mm diameter round rail that uses angled bends & other components to create continuous handrail. Perfect for use in aged care facilities where conformity to AS1428.1-2001 is needed.

PDF Size: 2.77 MB

Download here

DIY Stair Parts

If you are looking to build a staircase for inside use; we have a range of timber handrails, timber balustrade and handrail brackets to choose from for DIY Stairs.

PDF Size: 2.77 MB

Download here

Stainless Stair System

A range of posts and accessories to create a modern stainless steel balustrade in a 316 grade that is suitable for both internal and external use.

PDF Size: 0.29 MB

Download here

Prestige Stair Posts

A range of posts and fittings suitable for American style staircases. Due to their complexity, they are not available on our online shop, but if you are interested in finding out more, please feel free to contact us.

PDF Size: 0.51 MB

Download here